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Revio Impulse Alarm/GPS Tracker Now on Indiegogo

Revio ImpulseYou may not have heard of Revio or their forthcoming product, Impulse, but I’ve been following them for a couple of months now. Revio is a part of the Gearbrake company out of Louisville, KY (or at least closely tied to it) which makes brake light smart controllers and modulators as well as some other electronic motorcycle accessories.

The Revio Impulse is a 3G (at&t) connected alarm and GPS tracker at its core. From there, Revio adds a mobile app for Android and iOS with which one can get alerts if someone moves your bike, locate your bike via GPS, or send an emergency alert if you have a crash.

Revio claims you’ll be able to track and record, and share your rides which is an interesting feature, but there are phone apps that will do this now.  With the Impulse, Revio claims you’ll be able to not only see the route you took, but will also be able to review acceleration, lean angle, and braking in the recorded data.

While I can see most of this data being able to be captured, I think perhaps “deceleration” might be a better term than “braking”. This is seeing as their device does not appear to have any actual connection to the brake system. Still, the rest of the data would be of interest to many riders.

There’s a lot to like here and it will be interesting to see if all of the features make it into the final product. Of course then we’ll have to see how they perform. Their timeline suggests that shipments will start around end of Q1 of next year so it will be a bit of a wait. I have already signed up for the early bird offering at their Indiegogo site so I’ll be posting updates here at Motorcycle Words as they come in.

Motorcycle Words does not have any affiliation or agreement with Revio or Gearbrake. 

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  1. Brandon

    Looks like this project has been delayed. Not sure by how much but the folks at Revio (GearBrake) have been reaching out to early supporters who have paid and are offering to refund if one doesn’t want to stay in for the long haul. I may stay in myself depending on how long they anticipate the delay to be. Waiting to hear back fro them now.

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