Carmen and I review the Enterprise 2 textile pants from REVT’IT.

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Excerpt below:

REV’IT! has updated the original Enterprise pants with this new Enterprise version 2 and the changes are significant. To start with, the original Enterprise pants had a full-length leg zipper that ran on the inside of the legs. This of course made it easy to put the pants on or take them off while still wearing your footwear.

The Enterprise 2 pants instead offers a gusset-backed zipper that runs from below the knee down to the leg opening. This makes it easier to put the boots on and fasten them, but the opening isn’t large enough to slip booted feet through the legs. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, because one of the reasons for the change is that the shell is no longer the waterproof layer.

The Enterprise 2 pants use a waterproof breathable liner that is permanently attached to the inside. This makes the long zippered leg of the original Enterprise pants impractical, as it would compromise the water resistance of the garment. Maybe issues with waterproofing could be the reason for this change from the previous version?

More differences are present in this second version of the Enterprise pants and I’ll identify these features as the review continues. As in our Outback 2 jacket review, I will also note differences between the women’s and men’s version. Don’t expect a lot, however, because the differences between the men’s and women’s versions of the Enterprise 2 pants are not as apparent as they were in the jackets.