vintfest-2016_0033I like spending time inside the track at Barber when I’m here, but during the vintage festival there’s always excellent opportunities to get photos of cool, awesome, and sometimes just whack motorcycles. The vintage festival is a melting pot of motorcycle enthusiasts ranging from cruiser riders, sport bike enthusiasts, vintage experts, off road and trial riders, and just everything motorcycle. Take a few hours to walk the paddock, the swap meet, and the fan zone and you’re bound to see something you’ve never seen before (or maybe never wanted to see). Hit the continue reading link to see more photos from our first day here at the vintage festival.

Yep, he wants it! vintfest-2016_0065The rarely spotted Ural Solo (no sidecar) vintfest-2016_0071 vintfest-2016_0070 vintfest-2016_0068 vintfest-2016_0067 vintfest-2016_0061 vintfest-2016_0054 vintfest-2016_0045 vintfest-2016_0043 vintfest-2016_0041 vintfest-2016_0035 vintfest-2016_0026 vintfest-2016_0023 vintfest-2016_0020 vintfest-2016_0011