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Hepco Becker Announces Orbit Side Case – Review Coming Soon

Hepco Becker Orbit Side Case

NOTE: The Orbit cases would not fit the American market version of the XSR900 and we were unable to do the full review. We ended up reviewing the Royster cases which did fit on the XSR900.

Hepco Becker recently took the wraps off of their new Orbit side cases and I’ve got a set here for review for webBikeWorld right now. These new cases mount using H&B’s C-Bow luggage system which is a low visibility luggage carrier system designed to not detract from the looks of a motorcycle when the bags are not mounted.

The Orbit side cases are the first hard luggage units for use with the C-Bow system which has up until now consisted of soft bags and semi-rigid cases. Later today we’ll be installing the C-Bow system and the Orbit side cases on Johnny’s Yamaha  XSR900 with a full review for webBikeWorld following shortly.  Until the review is ready, you can have a look at some of the studio photos I took last night to whet your appetite.
(click the images for full size versions)

Hepco Becker Orbit Side Case   Hepco Becker Orbit Side Case   Hepco Becker Orbit Side Case


  1. John R. Allen

    What happened to the review? I checked WebBikeWorld and no mention of the Orbit.

    • Brandon

      You’re right John, I never updated this post. We were sent the Orbit cases and the mounting hardware for a Yamaha XSR900 which was the test “mule” we wanted to install them on. It turns out that the Orbit cases do not fit the American version of the XSR900. The turn signals used for our market are too large and do not allow fitment of the Orbit cases. Even after they sent us a modified version for solo riders that moves the cases forward, they still would not fit on the bike. As such we ended up sending them back and they sent us the Royster cases which we did review. In fact you can see in that review that we mentioned the fitment issues with the Orbit cases.


      • John R. Allen

        Aw, bummer.
        I’ve been trying to find a hard sidecase option for my BMW K1300S.

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