We’re off to a cloudy start this morning here at Barber for the final round of MotoAmerica road racing this weekend. Kevin and I are here to get some photos and capture some interviews (and watch some motorcycles go roundy roundy).  This is always a fun weekend for us as we get to be right in the thick of motorsport and get the view from behind the scenes behind our favorite sport.

Here Kevin contemplates the object in front of him. Yes, it is a motorcycle Kevin! Good job 🙂

Below Kevin point out how long the swingarm is. Jealous much?

And here we have what might be a glimpse of the future at MotoAmerica. Yes, the rules are changing and there are some very interesting changes coming to the series and Kevin is on the case to help us understand what next year will look like. Bikes like the R3 below is likely to be part of the equation.