Singapore based startup Neo and Sons has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new helmet bag they have been working on.

Dubbed “The Classic”, this helmet bag doesn’t look or function like your typical lid carry-all.  Most helmet bags I’ve seen are pretty simple affairs made from nylon, polyester, or a similar textile. The Classic is made from full grain leather (there is a waxed cotton version too) and uses quality hardware like YKK brass (or gunmetal) zippers as well as heavy duty D-rings.  The interior is lined with black twill cotton and an optional hounds-tooth pattern will be available for a bit of extra style on the inside.

The materials aren’t the only thing that set this helmet carrier from the rest. Neo and Sons make use of the empty space within the helmet for additional storage. I often carry my gloves in my helmet when I carry them around but this carrying bag has an integrated storage pocket that protrudes into the open helmet space from underneath.

This is a great way to carry items like gloves, keys, a wallet, etc and keep them out of direct contact with the helmet interior. Also the pocket is sealed using two parallel zips so those small items stay where you put them.


The strap system for carrying the bag also goes a step beyond the “typical” as they provide a secondary wrap around strap that provide stability and keeps the bag in place on one’s back. This is similar to straps I have seen and used on sling bags for camera equipment which do a good job of keep the load where you want while also being less bulky than normal backpack straps.

Overall this is an interesting looking idea but like most good ideas, there is a significant price attached to it. These leather bags are going to retail for around $359.00 which sounds a bit steep to say the least ($225 for the waxed canvas version). That’s around the cost of a good quality medium range helmet itself and as such budget-minded buyers might look elsewhere.


On the other hand the bag does look like it would provide a nice combination of protection, convenience and style. If it is built well and lasts, that price gets better and better as the years roll on. I know if I’m carrying around a $700.00+ helmet, I’d want something to carry it in safely and why not have it look good too.

Today (Dec 4th) Neo and Sons launches their campaign and you can see all the info and details by clicking here.  I want to make it clear that this all looks very good on paper and pixel but I have yet handle the product myself. This report is for information only and I am not endorsing the product other than pointing out that it looks interesting and practical, if also a bit pricey.

BTW – If you’re keen on getting one of these and want to save some money, getting in early on the Kickstarter campaign can get you one of the leather bags for $225.00 or a Canvas one starting at $145.00. Of course those deals are only limited to “early birds” like most Kickstarter campaigns.