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Motorcycle Review: The CSC TT250

Today webBikeWorld has published my review of the CSC TT250 dual sport motorcycle. You might recall my first look at this bike right after got it home a few weeks ago. Now that we’ve had some time to spend with it and taken photos, we’ve got a full first impression review of the TT250.

These Chinese sourced bikes may get some sideways looks from the motorcycling community here in the United States and I get it. Taking the plunge into these very affordable machines can come can come with certain risks.

I think what CSC is doing here with their bikes is taking steps to reduce the risks by offering parts and good customer service. One does pay a premium for one of their bikes over what one might get from other online Chinese motorcycle/scooter dealers but that cost includes some peace of mind.

For the price ($2,195.00 USD) you are still getting quite a deal for a new 250cc motorcycle (229.9cc actually) and you have a one year, unlimited mileage warranty. Not too shabby, but does it work? Hit the link below to find out.

Check out the full review.


The Slow Bike from China – The CSC TT250

Earlier this year, Carmen decided she wanted to a change from her 1995 BMW R1100r motorcycle that she’s had for a while. She’s had several bikes over the years and her favorite was a 1989 Honda NX250 dual sport bike. She and I both loved that bike but she eventually wanted to ride to places that required more highways and the little NX was just not meant for highway speeds.

Now after having three street bikes she’s come full circle. We’ve moved south of Nashville where we have lots of secondary roads rolling through some great scenery which is perfect for cruising around at a leisurely  pace and just “taking it in”.

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Yamaha XSR 900 First Impressions Review | wBW

Yamaha xsr 900I recently got the chance to ride and review my friend Johnny Jarvis’ XSR 900 Anniversary Edition bike for webBikeWorld.  The XSR 900 takes the performance and fun of the FZ-09 and wraps it in a vintage inspired package. The end result is more than just a re-skinning of FZ as the fuel injection mapping is improved and the suspension, while similar, is sprung differently for a more compliant ride.

Although many of the differences look cosmetic, there is a lot of functionality that comes along with them. The XSR 900 may be the perfect blend of new meets old. Check out the complete review over at webBikeWorld.com.

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Ninja 1000 First Impressions Review at wBW


My first impressions review of my new Ninja 1000 over at webBikeWorld.com (Excerpt below)

The Ninja 1000 is one of three bikes based on Kawasaki’s 1043cc engine. The other two are the Z1000 “naked” or roadster and the new-for-2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000, big brother to the 2015 Kawasaki Versys 650 LT (Blog), one of the current webBikeWorld Project Bikes.

The Ninja 1000 is classified in the “sport” category by Kawasaki, which doesn’t really tell the whole story…or maybe it does.

I’m preparing to invoke a very over-used term in the world of motorcycle reviews: “all-’rounder”. There, I said it. Now that it’s out of the way I’ll elaborate.



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