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There’s a Reason Why I Race Motorcycles РMichael Gilbert

MotoAmerica racer and associate editor at Sport Rider Michael Gilbert talks about how he got going in racing and some of the ups and downs of the 2016 season . I had the good fortune to meet Michael last year in Uvalde, TX at the Continental Tire proving grounds. We were both part of the USA press launch for the Sport Attack 3 tires.  Michael manages to race professionally AND hold down a full time job as a writer/editor both of which take a lot of time and yet he does very well at both.

Michael Gilbert: There‚Äôs a Reason Why I Race… by motorcyclistonline

Sidecar Racing Team Interview | 2011

This was made back in 2011 at the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival. During this interview we spoke with Hannah Matthews and Dale Lavender about how this whole sidecar racing action works. Hannah shows us the rig and how she positions herself during the racing and then Dale goes over some of the details of their machine and how it comes together.

NOTE: At the time I this was produced I was running the Nashvilleriders.com website so you’ll see our old logo in the corner. The site is no longer around but the videos can still be seen if you search YouTube for Nashvilleriders.com.

Proper Use of the Left Lane

Slower Traffic SignWhen I’m on the interstate I always find myself moving out of the left lane once clear of slower traffic to my right. I didn’t realize that this happens to be the most efficient way to make use of the left lane. Using the left lane just for passing apparently has some science backing up how efficient it is. It also can reduce the stress of being stuck behind a slow driver sitting the left lane (we all hate that guy don’t we?!). While it has been a law in many states that slower traffic move to the right lane(s), police are now taking a more aggressive approach to enforcement and are starting to ticket drivers who camp out in the left lane. The video below from VOX explains.

Offerings to the God of Speed

Somehow I’ve missed this ¬†documentary film from 1971 about Burt Munro but it has recently popped up on my YouTube radar. This 26 minute film isn’t the Anthony Hopkins version of the story, itself a great movie, but rather a raw short film in which one gets to hear a lot from Munro himself in his own voice (Turns out Hopkins wasn’t too far off the mark with his version of Munro). If you love underdogs, motorcycles, and damn-the torpedos attitudes, spend a half hour traveling back in time with this film.

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