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Insta360 One X2 Review at wBW

My review of the Insta360 One X2 camera just dropped the other day over at webBikeWorld.com I wasn’t sure I’d have that much nice to say about 360 cameras as they’ve always appeared “gimmicky” to me. I have to say I was wrong about this. These cameras are actually quite handy and much easier to work with than I thought. The One X2 is also much tougher than I expected as it kept working even after I was sure I had killed it.

Check out the review at https://www.webbikeworld.com/insta360-one-x2-camera-review/

Since this review is mostly centered around use for motorcycle riders and bloggers, I’m likely going to do a more photographer-oriented review on brandonjacksonphoto.com as I see lots of use for filming BTS and vlog entries for the working photographer.

wBW Reviews a Similar Cheap Action Camera

sjcam-sj4000-wifi-cameraMy friends over at webBikeWorld recently reviewed an action camera from Amazon that is very similar to the unit I recently purchased and started reviewing here at Motorcycle Words. The unit they have is essentially the same one as my DBPower camera but they went with the WiFi enabled version. I passed on that option for the sake of cost, and frankly, because it is one less thing to go wrong in an already low (super low!) priced camera.

Looking at their photos and seeing all the accessories I’m pretty sure that both the camera I have and the one Rick reviewed at wBW are rolling out of the same factory. Head over to webbikeworld.com and check out what they thought of their test unit. I’ll be following up with the rest of my review over the next few days on the non-WiFi unit I have right now.


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