dbpower-camera-frontIf you ride motorcycles, chances are you’ve owned or considered owning an action camera to record your rides. I’ve owned a few over the years to make videos for reviews of motorcycles and to demonstrate some great roads to ride on.  Since I shut down Nashvilleriders.com last year I haven’t had much need to for these little cameras and I sold mine off.

Now that I have started this blog and I will be heading down to Barber this weekend for the Vintage festival it seemed like a good time to jump back in to video capture on a bike. Plus it seems like a good idea to ride with a camera these days to make sure you CYA in the event of a crash where someone else caused the incident.

I started looking at was available in the “cheap” range of action camera devices on Amazon. I was surprised how many small action cameras are available and how many of them appear to be very close reproductions of GoPro’s HERO units. The difference in price is astounding!

After reading several reviews and looking at the specs, I settled on one of the DBPower camera units, specifically the Sports HD DV camera. This camera includes all the various mounts and accessories one would need for mounting on a motorcycle, helmet, or pretty much anything I can think of. It also shoots 1080p video, shoot stills on an interval, and best of all costs only $45.99 (USD) with free shipping via Amazon Prime.

Only $45.99!! Well, how bad can it be, right? Let’s find out.

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