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Pilot Motosports Trans.Urban V2 Jacket Review

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Pilot Motosport‘s follow up to their original Trans.Urban jacket , the Trans.Urban V2 for the past several weeks and I’ve come away very impressed. This jacket is more of an evolution of the original rather than a makeover and that’s great as there was a lot to like about the original one.

The original Trans.Urban was a great jacket for a very good price at $225.00 (USD). The new Trans.Urban V2 updates the styling and armor but keeps all the good stuff that was already in place and only adds $15.00 (USD) to the price. This is only 7% from where it was around three years ago so it’s not a bad increase at all.

The important aspect to keep in mind is the value that is represented. Even with the minor cost increase, the bang for your buck factor is still impressive. Add in the fact that it’s a pretty sharp looking piece of kit and you’ve got a great 3/4 length jacket for honest three season use.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? For all the details and more photos head over to the full review here at webBikeWorld.


REV’IT Outback 2 Jacket Review (men’s and women’s)

revit-outback-2-jacket-womensCarmen and I teamed up recently for a look at the REV’IT Outback 2 jacket for webBikeWorld. The Outback 2 jacket blurs the line a bit between an adventure jacket, touring jacket, and sport riding jacket. It might be the perfect jacket for the daily commuter offering plenty of storage, multiple liners, and quality construction.

In this review Carmen and I look at both the women’s and men’s versions of the Outback 2 jacket.  While the overall design and function is quite similar, there are some differences we call out during the review. From the review…

revit-outback-2-jacket-mensThe Outback 2 jacket is the REV’IT! mid-level entry in their adventure jacket lineup, but I would really classify this jacket as more of an Adventure/Sport if such a category exists.

Why? Well let’s begin with the styling.

An initial glance at the Outback 2 immediately says “adventure” jacket with the multiple pockets, the high(er) collar, and long(er) waist.

Hit the link here to jump to the full review at webBikeWorld.com.

Touratech Aventuro Mod Helmet Review at wBW

Photo by Touratech.

Photo by Touratech.

Our friends over at webBikeWorld just published their review of the new Touratech Adventuro Mod helmet (that’s a mouthful!) The Adventuro is based on the Schuberth E1 and the similarities are readily evident, but so are the differences.


The Aventuro Mod also has the one feature missing on the E1: a real rear exhaust vent. This seems to make a big difference, as the upper ventilation on the Aventuro Mod is much better than the E1.

And the Mod also comes in a nice(r) selection of graphics than the E1. And it has a goggle strap holder, although why anyone would wear goggles with any dual-sport flip-up is beyond me. Er…it’s a flip-up, remember?

So is the Aventuro Mod “better” than the E1?

Jump to the review by clicking here.

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