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Risky Business – Being Seen

In my previous installment of Risky Business, I looked at being vigilant and acutely aware of the hazards  when riding on the street. This time let’s take a look from the other perspective, making yourself visible to other vehicles on the streets with you.

How often have you heard someone involved in an crash say “I never saw the other driver, rider, etc”. More often that you would think, this is actually a true statement. The driver may have actually been looking right at motorcycle and their brain never registered the bike as an object to avoid or be concerned with.

Drivers can get used to just looking for cars and other hazards on the road. Let’s face it, motorcycles just aren’t as plentiful on the roads as cars and trucks. It’s hard for some motorcyclists to understand this but as riders, we often take note of other bikes. Being on a bike seems to make us “tuned in” to see other bikes where drivers of cars simply aren’t.

So what can one do as a rider to mitigate this phenomenon? Let’s learn how to be seen. The following are some ways to improve your visibility on the road.

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Skene Programmable LED Brake Lights Review at wBW

skene-p3-brake-lights-kawasaki-ninja-1000Rick K from webBikeWorld and I team up for a review of the Skene P3 Programmable brake light system for motorcycles.  Here’s a teaser:

“The Skene Design P3 LED brake lights are small but powerful.  They come with brackets for mounting on the license plate bolts. You can buy the lights separately or with a programmable controller. The IQ-260 controller has 10 different programming modes, accessible at any time.”

Click here to check out the full review.

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