Well Roland Sands made some big news this week at Sturgis yesterday. The custom bike builder/designer wasn’t announcing his latest rolling atrocity but rather he ran off the stage at the Buffalo Chip campground injuring four audience members in the process. Roland “Jenius” Sands, and that is with a “J”, apparently must have forgotten the bike he was riding on stage had no front brake (you can hear this called out in the video).

I feel awful for those that were injured and I understand even those that had to stay at hospital overnight have already been released. No word yet on whether Sands was one of those injured in the incident. You can see the jenius at work in the video below.

Sands’ action did have a positive effect in that it rescued three of the four injured folks from certain musical mediocrity. However,  I understand that the fourth was still able to return to the event in time to hear Kid Rock play his set later that night. Our condolences go out to him and his family.