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Continental Eyeing Russian Dandelions

Not a Russian dandelionSo at first glance that phrase the title of this article doesn’t make much sense but bear with me. It turns out that Continental Tires has been looking at finding a substitute for traditional rubber that grows on (OK, in) trees. You might be thinking that modern tires for motorcycles, cars, trucks, etc. are made from synthetics but the natural rubber content in some tires is as high as one-third of the overall rubber material.

Rubber trees grow in relatively narrow ranges of climate and those areas on our little planet are easily affected by the increasing threat of climate change in both the temperature kind as well as the geo-political kind of climate. Recently Continental tested a type of latex that comes from the Russian Dandelion plant and the results appear to be very promising. Hit the link below to learn more about how you might be carving up twisty roads in the future using flowers for traction.


Continental Road Attack 2 EVO Review

continental road attack evo tireMy latest review for webBikeWorld.com of the Continental Road Attack 2 EVO tires.


Contintental’s Road Attack family of tires are the sport-touring street-focused sibling of the “Hypersport” tire series known by the “Sport Attack” label. The Continental Road Attack 2 EVO tires were first released in 2013 and the Continental representatives told me that I should really try the the Road Attack 2 EVO tires for comparison.

They said that a lot of the technology that went into the new Sport Attack 3 tires actually came from the Road Attack 2 EVO tires and if I liked the former, then I should be very pleased with the latter, especially in the “real world” of street use.

Of course, I had to find out!

Full review at webBikeWorld.com

Shooting tires, With a Camera of Course

Road attack 2 EvoJust wanted to post a little behind the scenes action for an upcoming tire review. Let’s face it, photos of tires can be boring, but they don’t have to be. Here’s a few shots and a “behind the scenes” photo demonstrating how glamorous  shooting tire photos can be.

I not only wanted to create a bit more drama than the typical “here’s the tread” and “here’s the sidewall” photos so time to rethink the “Tire” photo. One way to add drama to in image is to tighten up your shot on just certain features, like this shot at the right.


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Road Attack 2 Evo Review Coming Soon

Front tire going on the rim

Front tire going on the rim

After putting about 1600 miles on the Ninja 1000, I am pleased to have received a new set of Continental Road Attack 2 Evo tires to replace the Bridgestone BT-016 OEM hoops from the factory. I have ridden on Continental motorcycle tires in the past including the Road Attacks, Road Attack 2’s, as well as the second and third generations of the Sport Attack series.

At the Sport Attack 3 press launch earlier this year, I was asking the Continental crew when we might see a a Road Attack that uses some of the new technology in the Sport Attack 3. They suggested I try out the Road Attack 2 Evo’s as there was a lot of that tech from that tire that went into the “Sports”.  This past weekend we removed the OEM Bridgestones from the Ninja and the RA 2 Evo’s were set on the rims.

The Ninja 1000 has a lot of things going for it and I generally have been pleased with the bike but the handling has been a bit “nervous” from the outset. I am hoping that the change to these Continental hoops will improve this situation.

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Continental Sport Attack 3 Hypersport Tires

At Continental's Proving Grounds - Photo by Cole Kirkpatrick

Photo by Cole Kirkpatrick

I recently was asked to attend a press launch of Continental Tires new Sport Attack 3 tires on behalf of webBikeWorld. I immediately jumped on the chance to do this and arrived in Uvalde, TX on the evening of Sunday, March 20th. The next day I, and several other journalists, would head to the Continental Tire proving grounds for some time on the track(s) with these new tires. You can read the full report over at webBikeWorld.com.

(And yes, that is me, but I’m going much slower than I look, which is pretty slow already)

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