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The Thawdaddy Heated Vest

Last year I went on a search for a light and thin heated vest that would fit under pretty much any riding jacket I have. Most heated vests have some bulk to them and it makes sense. To be the most effective they not only need to produce heat but help keep as much heat as possible trapped near the body.

But what if you don’t need the “most” heat? How about just “some” heat?

In my case I wasn’t looking for the hottest heated gear out there. I had two goals. The first, augment my winter weather riding jacket with some active heating to allow riding in colder weather without significantly adding another layer. The second, extend the seasonality of my lighter riding gear and allowing me to wear more comfortable and less bulky jackets when it would normally be a bit to cold for them.

Enter Mobile Warming’s Thawdaddy battery-powered heated vest. The Thawdaddy is the smallest heated vest I’ve encountered and as such it meets my criteria for fitting under pretty much any of my riding gear. Of course small size and light weight likely means the electrical storage / heat generating properties of the vest will be compromised. But is it enough to reach my goals detailed above?

Click here to read the full review over at WebBikeWorld.com

Koso Apollo Heated Grips Review | wBW

Koso-apollo-heated-gripsMy latest review for webBikeWorld, the Apollo heated grips from Koso.  These heated grips represent an interesting evolution of the heated grip by including the power/setting control in the left grip itself. This allows for a cleaner and simpler installation, but it doesn’t stop there.

An effective voltage sensing safety feature keeps the grips from running your battery down in case you forget to turn them off when you turn the bike off. Some other heated grips offer this as well but, combined with the the simplified wiring needs and no need to mount a separate heat controller, installation is simpler and quicker.

This may all sound great but it means nothing if they don’t keep your mitts warm, right? Find out how well they performed and how the installation went along with the full review over at webBikwWorld.com.


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