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MCWords is coming back…

That’s right, Motorcycle Words is waking up and rubbing the sleep out of its eyes. Since moving to Spain last year (2022) and selling my bike before I left the USA,  I haven’t had the opportunity nor the time to do anything motorcycle related. However, after doing a photo shoot of a friend and travel blogger and her bike here in Valencia, I’ve got the urge to go ahead and put the wheels in motion to get back in the saddle.

Jori‘s responsible for accelerating my return to motorcycling here in Spain

Of course, there are a few hoops to jump through before I can take to the streets again. First, I need to get a motorcycle license, which in Spain (and the rest of the EU) is a lot more difficult than it is in the United States. The tests are harder and the tiered licensing system makes you wait a couple of years to move up to a larger/more powerful category of motorcycle.

For me, I’m fine if I have to stay on a smaller (less than 48bhp) bike for  a while. In fact, I’d prefer a lighter, smaller bike here in Europe and might never really get a larger machine. Of course if someone drops a Guzzi Mandello in my lap, I’ll go get that A license :).  Until that license is acquired I’ll be riding using my AAA international permit. It allows one to ride any size bike but it is only valid for one year in many EU countries and only six months here in Spain (thanks, Spain).

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Koso Apollo Heated Grips Review | wBW

Koso-apollo-heated-gripsMy latest review for webBikeWorld, the Apollo heated grips from Koso.  These heated grips represent an interesting evolution of the heated grip by including the power/setting control in the left grip itself. This allows for a cleaner and simpler installation, but it doesn’t stop there.

An effective voltage sensing safety feature keeps the grips from running your battery down in case you forget to turn them off when you turn the bike off. Some other heated grips offer this as well but, combined with the the simplified wiring needs and no need to mount a separate heat controller, installation is simpler and quicker.

This may all sound great but it means nothing if they don’t keep your mitts warm, right? Find out how well they performed and how the installation went along with the full review over at webBikwWorld.com.


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