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Scorpion EXO-T510 Helmet Review


My review of the Scorpion EXO-T510 Helmet published over at webBikeWorld.com.

The EXO-T510 is aimed at the sport-to-touring rider segments, although it would be equally at home in the commuter arena too. It is also competing in the very crowded mid-range pricing area between $200 to $250 USD. This price range used to be full of products that may have been somewhat compromised on comfort, build quality, features or other aspects — the things that differentiated them from their lofty cousins costing $350.00 or more.

In 2016, technology advances in materials and manufacturing are really making those differences harder to see though, if not harder to “feel”. Scorpion has outfitted the EXO-T510 with a wealth of features that I’m not certain all exist in one place on any other helmet in this price range. At least at the time of this writing I can’t seem to find one.

Full review at webBikeWorld.com

Continental Sport Attack 3 Hypersport Tires

At Continental's Proving Grounds - Photo by Cole Kirkpatrick

Photo by Cole Kirkpatrick

I recently was asked to attend a press launch of Continental Tires new Sport Attack 3 tires on behalf of webBikeWorld. I immediately jumped on the chance to do this and arrived in Uvalde, TX on the evening of Sunday, March 20th. The next day I, and several other journalists, would head to the Continental Tire proving grounds for some time on the track(s) with these new tires. You can read the full report over at webBikeWorld.com.

(And yes, that is me, but I’m going much slower than I look, which is pretty slow already)

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