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MotoPumps Airshot Review – wBW

Motopumps AirShot

My latest review, the MotoPumps Airshot inflator, is published today on webBikeWorld.com. The Airshot is one of the smallest portable air compressors you can get. Running off of 12 volts and drawing less than 5A (4.7 I believe), this little device is able to fit in most underseat storage for street bikes as well as small tank bags and other luggage.

Capable of 100psi, this little inflator  can even bring tubliss tubes (or non-tubes I guess) up to full pressure. The Airshot comes with power connectors to fit most any 12volt source you have. If you want to have peace of mind on the street and/or the trail, this little guy is worth checking out.

Read the full review over at webBikeWorld.com

Edit: Added video below

Continental Road Attack 2 EVO Review

continental road attack evo tireMy latest review for webBikeWorld.com of the Continental Road Attack 2 EVO tires.


Contintental’s Road Attack family of tires are the sport-touring street-focused sibling of the “Hypersport” tire series known by the “Sport Attack” label. The Continental Road Attack 2 EVO tires were first released in 2013 and the Continental representatives told me that I should really try the the Road Attack 2 EVO tires for comparison.

They said that a lot of the technology that went into the new Sport Attack 3 tires actually came from the Road Attack 2 EVO tires and if I liked the former, then I should be very pleased with the latter, especially in the “real world” of street use.

Of course, I had to find out!

Full review at webBikeWorld.com

Shooting tires, With a Camera of Course

Road attack 2 EvoJust wanted to post a little behind the scenes action for an upcoming tire review. Let’s face it, photos of tires can be boring, but they don’t have to be. Here’s a few shots and a “behind the scenes” photo demonstrating how glamorous  shooting tire photos can be.

I not only wanted to create a bit more drama than the typical “here’s the tread” and “here’s the sidewall” photos so time to rethink the “Tire” photo. One way to add drama to in image is to tighten up your shot on just certain features, like this shot at the right.


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