Photo by Touratech.

Photo by Touratech.

Our friends over at webBikeWorld just published their review of the new Touratech Adventuro Mod helmet (that’s a mouthful!) The Adventuro is based on the Schuberth E1 and the similarities are readily evident, but so are the differences.


The Aventuro Mod also has the one feature missing on the E1: a real rear exhaust vent. This seems to make a big difference, as the upper ventilation on the Aventuro Mod is much better than the E1.

And the Mod also comes in a nice(r) selection of graphics than the E1. And it has a goggle strap holder, although why anyone would wear goggles with any dual-sport flip-up is beyond me. Er…it’s a flip-up, remember?

So is the Aventuro Mod “better” than the E1?

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