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Hepco & Becker Royster C-Bow Side Cases Review for webBikeWorld

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was taking a look at the new Hepco & Becker Orbit side cases to review for webBikeWorld.com. The plan was to install these on our friend Johnny Jarvis’ anniversary edition Yamaha XSR 900. Unfortunately there were some differences with the rear turn signals between the USA and European market versions of the XSR 900 that prevented the Orbit cases from mounting.

All was not lost though. Hepco & Becker decided to send us a set of their semi-rigid Royster side cases to go on the C-Bow mounting system we already installed on the XSR. These bags installed without any clearance issues and the yellow accents on them look good against the backdrop of the black and yellow livery of the XSR 900.

The Royster bags and the C-Bow system are a good choice for those looking to add extra storage to their ride. The C-Bow system has a smaller, less noticeable “footprint” than many other luggage mounting systems and the locking mechanism is very simple, yet solid.

Check out the full review over at webBikeWorld.com.

Yamaha XSR 900 First Impressions Review | wBW

Yamaha xsr 900I recently got the chance to ride and review my friend Johnny Jarvis’ XSR 900 Anniversary Edition bike for webBikeWorld.  The XSR 900 takes the performance and fun of the FZ-09 and wraps it in a vintage inspired package. The end result is more than just a re-skinning of FZ as the fuel injection mapping is improved and the suspension, while similar, is sprung differently for a more compliant ride.

Although many of the differences look cosmetic, there is a lot of functionality that comes along with them. The XSR 900 may be the perfect blend of new meets old. Check out the complete review over at webBikeWorld.com.

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